Replacement for the November SAUNA party

As you know, the location of our SAUNA party in the spring was almost completely destroyed by a fire. Therefore, we have to replace the SAUNA party on 24.11.2017 by a normal party. [read more…]

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Cancellation BiohazardMen SAUNA party on 24 March 2017

Some have certainly heard about it from the press, in the sauna where our SAUNA party should take place on 24 March 2017, was in January a bigger fire with considerable damage to the facility….

We have now received the notification from the owners that these damages can’t be eliminated before the March party and the sauna can not be re-opened until then.

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Start dates presale for SAUNA-Parties 2017

In order for everyone to get the same chance, we have agreed on uniform start dates for the pre-sale of the cabins…

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