Party’s 2024

• Friday, March 29th 2024 - tickets [Easter XXL Special]

• Friday, September 13th 2024 - tickets [Special XXL]

• SATURDAY, October 19th 2024 - tickets [HustlaBall XXL Special]

About us

Who are we?

  • In Fact it’s all very simple: we are men who like men and love having sex with them!

What does Biohazard mean?

  • It´s an abbreviation of the expression “biological hazard”. In the words of the American “Centers for disease Control” (CDC): Germs are to be classified in different Biohazard levels; Germs in Level 1 are the least dangerous to humans, a higher classification level means increased danger. The HI-Virus is classified at level 3.
  • We at BIOHAZARDMEN are all HIV-Positive men. You are HIV-POZ yourself? Then you´re welcome here!

What do we want?

  • We organize the BIOHAZARDMEN parties; Parties for HIV-POZ men in a relaxed atmosphere. We want to have parties for relaxed and uninhibited fun! That includes conversation with friends, dancing, cruising and of course good sex!
    We want to get together informally here, without having to explain our health status !

When, Where and How?

  • We will stage FIVE to SIX parties a year; they will all take place in BERLIN, Germany for the moment.
    The LOCATIONS are selected carefully, so they always provide sanitary facilities, (WC, anal douche, etc.). There will be a large play areas and a bar too. We provide a small buffet for the “appetite afterwards” and there´s a live DJ too. the exact location you´ll receive by email after registering here at our website.

Who can participate and how do I register?

  • Any HIV-Positive Man who is into having a nice relaxed evening with us is WELCOME here!
    BUT: There´s only ONE WAY to be able to join the party: You´ll have to be on the GUESTLIST. Therefore you have to register here on the website.