Party’s 2022

• Friday, April 15th 2022 - tickets [Easter XXL Special]

• Friday, August 12th 2022 - tickets [Summer-Edition]

• Friday, September 9th 2022 - tickets [Folsom XXL Special]

• SATURDAY, October 22nd 2022 - tickets [HustlaBall XXL Special]

Friday, November 25th 2022 - tickets [Autumn-Edition]

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Dates 2023 coming soon

Dates 2023 coming soon

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Die Gästeliste für unsere HERBST-EDITION (25.11.2022) ist bereits geschlossen!!!
Es gibt aber noch die Möglichkeit, solange verfügbar, diese online zu kaufen.
The guest list for our AUTUMN-EDITION (25/11/2022) is already closed!!!
However, there is still the possibility to buy them online as long as they are available.