Party’s 2024

• Friday, March 29th 2024 - tickets [Easter XXL Special]

• Friday, September 13th 2024 - tickets [Special XXL]

• SATURDAY, October 19th 2024 - tickets [HustlaBall XXL Special]

BiohazardMen Party Rules

These parties are for like-minded men to get together to cruise, dance, have fun and uninhibited sex. That’s what we want!

To keep the party an unmistakable BIOHAZARDMEN-party there have to be some Rules for Playing that every participant has to comply with!

If you already have registered, you thereby agreed to keep to these rules…
In other words:
If you don´t agree with these rules, you shouldn’t participate!!

The rules:

  1. By participating, you declare you are HIV-Positive.
  2. The men that accompany you are HIV-Positive too.
  3. All participants accept that this party is for HIV-Positive men only.
  4. The participants that engage in unsafe sex (i.e. bareback) declare that they know about the risks and consequences of doing so.
  5. The participant agrees to respect the privacy of everyone at this party.
  6. The participant agrees not to take any photos, nor film- or sound recordings at the party.
  7. The participant confirms, that he is responsible for his own behaviour. Nobody else can be held responsible but himself.
  8. The participant agreed he won’t engage in any discussion regarding HIV- or health status, nor in any conversation about illness or medication; we all want to celebrate at a party and have fun with like-minded men!
  9. The participant declares that his personal guests that accompany him agreee completely to these rules.
  10. The participant confirms that he accepts the Guest-list, which is accessible to the ORGANIZERS only!
  11. To help create an erotic and relaxed atmosphere, the participants should wear a sexy outfit or be as naked as possible….


Your Biohazardmen Team