Stosszeit meets BiohazardMen for HustlaBall XXL Pre-Party

STOßZEIT Cologne meets BiohazardMen for HustlaBall Berlin XXL-Special Pre-Party


The ultimate Party experience for HIV-positive men!


Saturday, 8th of October 2016, 5 p.m. at „Station 2B“ – COLOGNE – GERMANY


The most horny and unrestrained fuck-party, with hot twinks and butch men in an friendly and open atmosphere. This time we present the ultimate BIOHAZARDMEN HUSTLABALL BERLIN XXL-SPECIAL PRE-PARTY.


On 21th of October 2016 starts the 14th edition of HUSTLABALL BERLIN. To bring you in the right mood for HUSTLABALL BERLIN, we present you the STOßZEIT meets HUSTLABALL BERLIN Pre-Party.


All porn-actors, and everyone who want`s to have fun in front or behind the camera is invited this time. One of our very special guests this time will be EXTREMECUMHOLE“ to touch and “stick in”.




Many other pornstars already told us to come and make this evening hotter then any other STOßZEIT before.
We present specially on this evening some LIVE SEX SHOWS on stage. You can make photos or videos from those. (It`s only allowed to take pictures from the SHOWS, everywhere else (mobile-) cameras are forbidden.)


DJ RedtomCatBiohazardMen Party|HustlaBall Berlin Resident


will entertain you with best house music.


After STOßZEIT, the party goes on at BABYLON-Sauna. With your entrance at STOßZEIT you get a VIP-bracelet to enter BABYLON-Sauna for free, till 6 a.m.


Entrance between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., just for members of the Gayromeo club „STOSSZEIT-PARTY“ or guests of the BiohazardMen Party who send a register email to before!
(After 10 p.m. Station 2B open the doors for the regular crowd. You can stay inside the location after this party.)


Fee: 13 Euro + 2 Euro for the Coat-Check.

Dresscode: sexy Outfit (underwear, sportswear …) or naked


Station 2B

(Pipinstraße 2, 50667 Cologne)

is located in the center of Cologne, not far away from Heumarkt. You can reach the club easily by subway.

Station 2B is well equipped with slings, a crusing-labyrinth, chillout-areas, glory hole cabins and much more, for all your sexual fantasies.To make you feel even more comfortable during the party, Station 2B also has an bathroom.


Obligatory rules for STOSSZEIT-PARTY:

  • With your registration for STOSSZEIT PARTY, you comply with the following rules.
  • All participants accept with their registration, that the party is only for hiv-positive men.
  • The participant agrees, that he was enlightened about all risks of unprotected sexual actions (called bareback sex).
  • Whatever you do during STOSSZEIT party happens on your own risk!
  • Eye-catching drug-consumption will lead to direct exclusion from STOSSZEIT party.


We are looking forward to an horny evening with YOU.


Your Stoßzeit and BiohazardMen Team

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