ExtremeCumHole’s massive breeding during the BiohazardMen Easter XXL-Special

On this BiohazardMen Easter XXL-Special event there is sometime very special: The team of the new german porn studio BLANK BERLIN will film a bareback massive breeding scene. The horny muscle fuck pig “EXTREMECUMHOLE” will wait in a specially designeted area for the cumloads of the party guests. The fucking and breeding will be filmed – of course there always is the option to not show your face in the filming or to use a mask while fucking the cumhungry bottom in front of the camera.


Please tell us at the entry or ask the guys from BLANK BERLIN, if you wanna join this hot gangbang filming.


Important: We will need a waiver signed by you and a proof of age. Therefore, please bring your drivers licence or ID / passport with you to the set.


EXTREMECUMHOLE already is waiting for a lot of cum shots into his insatiable cumhungry muscle ass.


Contact BLANK-BERLIN: Email, Twitter

Contact EXTREMECUMHOLE: Gayromeo, Email

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